Air Freight

FDC Air and SEA transportation by air in specialized cargo aircraft and in the luggage compartments of passenger aircraft. Air freight is typically the fastest mode for long distance freight transport, but also the most expensive.

Sea Freight

Much shipping is done by actual ships. An individual nation's fleet and the people that crew it are referred to as its merchant navy or merchant marine. Merchant shipping is the lifeblood of the world economy, carrying 90% of international trade with 102,194 commercial ships worldwide. On rivers and canals, barges are often used to carry bulk cargo.

Land Transport

FDC Air and Sea transport Logistics by utilizing its own vans and trucks together with those of its partners in Douala, Cameroon can offer what is sometimes the speediest route for cargoes, either as full loads or groupware and in particular for large, heavy and indivisible loads.

Our Duty

FDC Air and SEA Transport Logistics is a freight forwarder and logistics provider with a track record of stellar performance. Worldwide. Our vast network of cargo professionals around the globe expertly handle air and ocean cargoes in one seamless transaction on your behalf. We are the in house logistics department for exporting and importing companies across the globe, streamlining the shipping process and cutting costs along the way. We are your best asset when global business is at hand. Try us out today and see how we can help you ship better!

Some of our customers testimonials

FDC Air and Sea Transport Logistics has been great to work with. I can sincerely say that service both in response time and action has been very, very, good. Rates are competitive and points served are comprehensive. Thanks so much.”
FDC Air and Sea Logisitcs
Mike McCauley, Export Manager

We have been using Benchmark for almost 20 years, Thru good and not so good times their Air , Ocean and Operations Departments have always been accurate and prompt in our dealings, but just as fast to correct errors we had made. They are always available and absolutely one of the most knowledgable forwarders I have had the please to work with. 
John F McShane

Our long term relationship with FDC Air and Sea Transport Logistics is due in part to their high degree of professionalism, and their knowledge of the freight forwarding arena. They offer superior service and have been instrumental in providing us with a level of confidence that other freight forwarders only promise. In one instance, they were instrumental in helping us overcome a huge issue due to foreign rules and regulations. I would highly recommend working with anyone on the FDC Air and SEA Transport Logistics  team to facilitate your future freight requirements.
Jeanmarie Nobile

I am impressed by the quick response from FDC Air and Sea Transport Logistics. FDC Air and Sea Transport Logistics has amazing customer service from all station employees and I am honored to beFDC Air and Sea Transport Logistics.                                                                                                                                                               UTi Worldwide Jason Wayne Lewis, Export Representative.

The FDC Air and SEA Transport Logistics team is both professional and courteous! Thank you.
King Computer Corporation
Pete Rolfes